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Winding Road to Freedom: 15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Journey to Financial Freedom Kindle Edition

5 out of 5 StarsCustomer Reviews

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This is a unique compilation book featuring the exclusive stories of 15 financially free entrepreneurs. If you’ve ever wondered how a normal, everyday person can go from being broke and clueless to making a full-time living doing what they love, then you owe it to yourself to check out this book.

Inside, you’ll read the raw and uncut testimonies of 15 successful internet entrepreneurs who each share with you their individual journey to financial freedom, including their failures, insecurities, challenges, breakthroughs, and successes.

This will be one of the most inspirational books you’ve read in a long time. These stories will move you, impact you, and motivate you to embark on your own journey to financial freedom.

Winding Road to Freedom features an incredible line-up of well-known entrepreneurs:

Buck Flogging – Legendary Affiliate Marker, Serial Entrepreneur, and founder of Buck Books and PaleoDork
Derek Doepker – Eight-time #1 Bestselling Author in Fitness, Weight Loss, and Personal Development
Henri Junttila – Writer, Lifestyle Designer, and Top 100 Personal Development Blogger
Paige Burkes – Former ‘Big 4’ Finance Exec, Writer, Yogini, and Mindfulness Teacher
Luke Jones – Blogger, Movement Practitioner, Nutrition Writer, and Wellness Advocate
Dragos Roua – Hacker, Author, and Top 100 Personal Development Blogger who escaped the totalitarian, communist regime of Romania
Rob Cubbon – Bestselling Author, Online Marketer, Graphic & Web Designer, and Passive Income Coach
Vidya Sury – Writer, Editor, Business Blogger, and Top 100 Personal Development Blogger
Andi Cumbo-Floyd – Professional Author, Editor, Writing Coach, and Leader of Writing Workshops and Author Retreats
Patrick King – Social Interaction Specialist, #1 Bestselling Dating & Relationships Author, and Social Psychology Expert
Kate McKibbin – Massively Successful Blog Business Coach, Workshop Leader, and Course Teacher
Christopher Westra – Money Mastery Coach, Emotional Realignment Specialist, and Leader of the Lightworker Revolution
Isabel Nicole W. – Co-founder of Goalzila and Lifestyle Success Blogger
Bryan Cohen – Actor, Author of Over 30 Books, Occasional Game Show Contestant, and Founder of Build Creative Writing Ideas
Steve Mueller – Blogger, Personal Development Leader, and Founder of Planet of Success

Enjoy this entertaining read that will open your mind and get your heart pumping with excitement. You’ll love reading these stories so much that you won’t be able to put the book down!

Here’s what others are saying:

“Bought this yesterday and truly couldn’t put it down.” -Vanita

“This book is an absolute gem! It’s the personal stories of several people who faced obstacle after obstacle but somehow found it within themselves to keep grinding. I found myself highlighting more than I usually do so I can easily go back for inspiration when things get tough. I highly recommend it!!” -Robert

“I picked this book up out of sheer curiosity about how other people have accomplished their online entrepreneurship. I personally have experience building a loyal following online and I know how tough it can be to monetize your passion, so I appreciate a book like this. Will definitely share it with some friends who are trying to escape the 9-to-5. Overall, a very neat project. I’ll give it 5 stars.” -Cristi

“One of the most enjoyable books you’ll read in a long time!”