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Guarding Danger – DAILY SPOTLIGHT – FREE ROMANCE- (Kindle Edition)


PLOT – Two things happen to Harry Sinclair the day his ship docks in London: he saves a woman in distress, and meets his long-lost family.

Until now Harry has lived his life without betraying the vow he made to his father – never trust a Sinclair. Yet when his newly discovered cousins step aboard his ship he knows that everything is about to change.

Suddenly, he has a family he has no wish for, and an answer to why he is different.

Harry battles to keep himself distant, but when the woman he rescued, Madeline Caron, is discovered to be part of his family’s life, he is drawn closer. Closer to her and closer to something he’s always secretly craved – love and belonging. He fights hard against the depth of feeling he has for her, but when Maddie is kidnapped, he learns what truly is a living nightmare – the prospect of life without her.

Young widow Madeline Caron fled France for London with her young daughter, and a terrible secret – she believes she has killed a man in self-defense. Her brothers, oblivious to her traumatic past, offer her sanctuary and a life she never dreamed possible. However, there is always the fear that her past could come calling if she lets down her guard.

With Harry, Maddie finds something she’d never known before, earth-shattering passion and a deep connection. But they both carry scars from their past. Can they overcome them and step into the future together?

When danger from her past threatens her life, Harry bravely risks all to guard and protect her. But will they be able to trust themselves, and their hearts, to build a life together as two outsiders who found each other?

From USA Today Bestseller Wendy Vella comes an exciting Regency series about legend, love and destiny, with a hint of magic.