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Expelled Reaper – Daily Spotlight – FREE Paranormal YA Ebook

4.7 out of 5 Stars – Customer Reviews

Plot – Her life is over, but death won’t stop her.

When Lara dies young, she leaps at the chance to become a reaper. Even if it only means a few hours to walk amongst the living, something is better than nothing. If this is her last shot to prove her worth, then she’d be damned if she’d waste it even in death.

Only someone doesn’t want her up there, and Lara finds herself locked outside of the pearly gates.

The worst part…she doesn’t even know why she is exiled. Is she being tested one last time? Maybe. However, after spending nearly three years trapped in corporeal form, the answer seems clear. Heaven has closed its doors on her for good.

As Lara’s angelic powers fade, she maintains the ability to see the dead. But if Heaven thinks she will still help the dead after letting her go, then they have another thing coming. She is done following orders. Well, that is the plan until she meets a spirit she can’t refuse.