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CapWar ELECTION: A Booker Thriller – Daily Spotlight – FREE Mystery / Thriller Ebook

4.7 out of 5 Stars – Customer Reviews

PLOT – He was respected, honest… 
…and just naïve enough to believe them. 
Was Hudson just a political pawn? 

The pitch the billionaire laid out made Hudson believe he could be President of the United States. His family was excited. They agreed he should run. The next thing he knew, he was running…for his life.

Who can he trust?

As the opposition’s key players and a political terrorist group set their sights on him and the other candidates, people start to die. One reporter has her theory and is relentless in her pursuit of Hudson.

Will she uncover his past and discover his secret?

In a system that few understand, he is caught in a game that’s played for keeps.

Find out why a million copies of USA Today bestselling author, Brandt Legg’s books have been sold/downloaded worldwide.

“Riveting . . . keeps the reader glued to its pages until the end.” — Hall of Fame Reviewer ★★★★★