Stroke of Midnight: A Cinderella Novel – Daily Spotlight – FREE Romance (Kindle Edition)


PLOT – Money can buy anything. And anyone. As the head of the Constantine family, I’m used to people bowing to my will. Cruel, rigid, unyielding—I’m all those things. When I discover the one woman who doesn’t wither under my gaze, but instead smiles right back at me, I’m intrigued.
Ash Elliott needs cash, and I make her trade in crudeness and degradation for it. I crave her tears, her moans. I pay for each one. And every time, she comes back for more. When she challenges me with an offer of her own, I have to decide if I’m willing to give her far more than cold hard cash.
But love can have deadly consequences when it comes from a Constantine. At the stroke of midnight, that choice may be lost for both of us.


“Brilliant storytelling packed with a powerful emotional punch, it’s been years since I’ve been so invested in a book. Erotic romance at its finest!” – #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken

“Stroke of Midnight is by far the hottest book I’ve read in a very long time! Winston Constantine is a dirty talking alpha who makes no apologies for going after what he wants.” – USA Today bestselling author Jenika Snow

“In STROKE OF MIDNIGHT, K Webster has created a tale that’s unapologetically, deliciously decadent. Extravagant sex, shocking fantasy, and wonderful humor too. I fell into it like a dream…a dream I didn’t want to wake up from.” – New York Times bestselling author Annabel Joseph

“Kinky-hot and dark, this daddy-themed, creative retelling of Cinderella will leave you breathless!” – New York Times bestselling author Anna Zaires

“Stroke of Midnight grabbed me from the first page and wouldn’t let go until the last. I loved everything about this Cinderella retelling. From the intense Alphaness of Winston to the bravery and strength of lovely Ash.” – New York Times bestselling author Raine Miller